Amman - HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh and Mr. Abbas Maharmeh, Mayor of SAHAB, signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim of fostering cooperation between TAG- Group and Sahab municipality within the scope of the various activities and services offered by the Group. 
HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh said that Sahab municipality, like the rest of the municipalities, should receive a similar share of support, attention and care from various relevant institutions and organizations; he indicated that it is important and necessary to take into account that SAHAB town should be able to benefit from the Industrial City located there, which should have a positive impact on the local community and its residents.
He stressed that the absence of a college or university and the presence of nearly three thousand university students, studying outside the town- - is a serious issue that deserves attention and must be taken into consideration.
For his part, Sahab’s Mayor Mr. Abbas Maharmeh,, explained that the municipality faces many challenges, but at the same time it was actively and sincerely determined to pursue and to achieve success with the will of its youth and residents and to overcome by all means these challenges.He also underscored several of theachievements of the municipality since its separation from GAM in 2013.
He stressed the importance for residents of SAHAB district to benefit from the Industrial Estates Company, which covers a large area of the town, and adversely affects the environment at a time when the town does not benefit from it, in any wayThe company only serves to increase pressure on the available services through the increasing number of migrant labor living in the area, totaling more than 25 thousand workers.
The agreement stipulates that the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Centre and Sahab  municipality would cooperate and work together in many projects that serve the youth in  the local community, such asthe establishment of a knowledge  station in the municipality building, and provision of advice and assistance for  the establishment from the Social Responsibility Fund in cooperation with various relevant parties within the district, with the aim of  developing and building the capacities of young people and providing them with financial and material support so as to encourage them to create their own small businesses.
Both parties will cooperate - according to the memorandum- in organizing youth gatherings and meetings to submit proposals to meet their needs and help them develop their own projects and enter the labor market.
Areas of cooperation will include networking with Balqa Applied University to support the setting up and foundation of a middle level college within the district to be accredited by the university, which will offer professional and industrial programs that serve the interests of its young population. In addition it will examine the strategic plan prepared by the municipality for the beautification of Sahab’s downtown area as well as  its future projects, along with  prospects for  securing funds from donor institutions needed for their implementation.
TAG-Group will seek to establish a network of links between the municipality and relevant stakeholders in order to solve existing health problems in the district, and the group will also provide support and assistance to the municipality to develop and upgrade the performance of its media department, and to provide a model of good governance to be implemented and achieved within its the city limits.