AMMAN - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum (TAGKF) organized a roundtable discussion on “Competitiveness, Innovation and Talent” with Dr. Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director of Global Indices at INSEAD in the presence HE Mr. David Bertolotti, the French Ambassador to Jordan as guest of honour and HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh. 
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh welcomed the Ambassador and Dr. Lanvin, expressing his gratitude to both of them, as well as the other attending guests for their participation. He explained that the objective of the session was to study the experiences of successful countries in the fields of economy and education that could impact on the countries’ competitiveness.
He further underlined the significance of the French experience in the field of competitiveness, which is evident in Jordan, through the investment of French companies in the Kingdom, stressing the need to learn from "this experience in education, investment and innovation".
He announced that the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Business and Culture (TAGBC) Radio Station would soon start broadcasting cultural programs pertaining to the French culture and education, and that will definitely motivate many in Jordan to learn from this successful experience in all fields.
On his part, Ambassador Bertolotti thanked Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh for his interest in the French experience, stating that the secret of its success is the investment in the real capital of France, which is human capacities. He added that France organizes programs that seek to connect the world with economic ponds to motivate economy noting that Jordan and France maintain strong relations in the field of enhancing innovation, which has a positive affect on the country and its citizens.
Meanwhile, Dr. Lanvin reviewed the status of Jordan in the field of competitiveness noting that Jordan is ranked 6th in the Middle East Talent Competitiveness Index. He further emphasized that Jordan has the potential to advance to a better level.
Dr. Lanvin presented a number of recommendations that mainly included the amendment of some policies pertaining to educating employees, guaranteeing reliable and affordable access to the Internet so that digitalization becomes primary in all aspects, reforming the labour market, encouraging the establishment of SMEs as well as the culture of risk taking.
He added that competitiveness contributes to motivating individuals for a positive impact on the economy, saying that innovation consists of three elements: innovative individuals, markets and funding.
Concerning manufacturing, marketing and commercialization of creative ideas, he noted that we should take e-Transformation into consideration, without forgetting that marketing has become electronic without any borders, while the long-term funding should last for no less than ten to 20 years at least.
At the end of the session, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh presented honorary shields to Ambassador Bertolotti and Dr. Lanvin.