Amman - HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh sponsored the book signing event for ‘Hiya Hakatha’ a collection of poems, written by poet Majed Nusairat. The event was hosted at the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum (TAGKF) as part of its cultural program “In Hosting A Book”. 
Guest of honor Saudi writer and artist Ali El Huyerini, as well as a select group of writers, critics and culture lovers attended the book signing event. 
“Poet Majed Nusairat is a master gathering between poetry and education. He is a veteran poet who skillfully and high-carefully picks his words”, said El Huyerini. 
He added a quote by the poet: "O star, we love each other. You forgot that my imagination is wider. It makes me travel through thoughts and return. I light a fire, through which I endear all the loved ones. I call the ground and hear the songs of bulbuls and birds. The rhythm of love and the lines."
During the book signing event moderated by writer Omar Nazzal Al-Armouti, head of the Jordanian Writers Union Alain Al Adwan offered his review on the poet’s artwork. Similarly, journalist Ibrahim Alsawair said that poet Majed Nusairat "is tirelessly advancing towards poetry, particularly he has proved capability of renovation in his poems". Alsawair said that the poet "believes in the power of paradox, beating forecasts and works on description which wasn’t in his vertical poems.” 
“The poet goes today hearing nothing but his voice and the wonderful pieces which delight him before the audience such as his sentence in the introduction of the collection of poems: To write something with deep yearning, you will definitely clamor for the death of the postman", Alsawair added. 
Poet Majed Nusairat has written two poems: 'Schizophrenia Al Qasida (Poem Schizophrenia)’ about which he said: "The meaning can be interpreted, the idea is emerged via a proof, a flower of almonds in exile, which dresses in white and titles."
Nusairat also wrote ‘Qoosar Al Magaz’ poem, about which he said: “The water flows in the sea of the poem, the spirit has a meaning in the air flowing, exposing the metaphor on the haste, the swaying of meanings as my idea struts, the images of truth and steps are scattered."